QPAC Presents: Clancestry Festival

QPAC Presents: Clancestry Festival

Clancestry festival is back with its showcase of First Nations arts and culture. Powered by the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), Clancestry is happening from November 8-12, and takes pride in being programmed, curated, and run by Australian First Nations People.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first Clancestry festival at QPAC. From interactive workshops and children's events to performances and concerts, there's something for everyone at Clancestry.

Over 100 First Nations artists light up the Clancestry stage every year. One of the headlining acts this year is William Barton's 'Sky Songs' - Bringing the hypnotic power of the didgeridoo alive. 

Another highlight of Clancestry is 'Song Circle' where artists share intimate stories and songs that echo a deep connection to culture. 

'Face to Face', an intimate drama about the experiences of disconnection from Country premieres, bringing some theatre into the Clancestry mix. 

On top of all this, audiences can expect a string of free events at the new festival ground at the South Bank Cultural Forecourt.

At BW Tribal, we're excited about Clancestry, a festival that aligns with our mission to elevate and celebrate Indigenous culture. 

Head to the QPAC Website to grab your Clancestry tickets