Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: Sunday, 28th August 2022 @8:15 am


This is our Privacy Policy, which explains the way in which we collect and process Personal Information.

This Privacy Policy forms part of, is subject to, and must be read with, our Website Terms of Service.

We respect your privacy and use our best endeavours to keep your Personal Information secure.

By continuing to use this Website or engaging with us, you consent to the handling of your Personal Information in accordance with this Policy.

Personal Information we Collect & Process

How we collect Personal Information

We may collect Personal Information directly or indirectly from any of the following sources:

  • Communications  For example: emails, telephone calls, videoconferences, meetings, SMS, chat and instant message communications.

  • Documents  For example: contracts, agreements, orders, emails, written correspondence, business records.

  • Web Technologies including Cookies  For example: cookies, web beacons, website analytics tools, website form submissions.

For more information about how we use cookies, please refer to our Cookie Policy.


Types of Personal Information we collect & process

We may collect and process the following kinds of Personal Information:

  • Identity Information  For example: your name, date of birth, age and sex;

  • Government Identifier Information  For example: your Australian Business Number (ABN) if you are a business customer;

  • Location Information  For example: your residential, business, postal or shipping addresses and your general geographic location (country, region or city);

  • Contact Information  For example: your telephone numbers, email addresses or social media addresses;

  • Financial & Payment Information – for example: payment card information, bank account information, information relating to financial transactions and Orders;

  • Association Information  For example: your place of employment, work email or work address;

  • Web & Browser Information  For example: information about your web browser, operating system, IP address, website behaviour, website analytics information.

The Privacy Act classifies some types of Personal Information as sensitive information, such as medical information. We do not actively collect or process sensitive information unless it is necessary.

Legal Basis

We collect and process Personal Information under one or more of the following legal bases:

  • Consent – where you have provided us with express or implied consent to collect or process your Personal Information. Note: You may have the right to revoke or limit that consent where it has been given.

  • Contract – where you have entered a contract or other legal relationship with us, or where we have proposed to enter a contract or other legal relationship with you. For example: placing an Order, subscribing to our mailing list, or signing up for a store account.

  • Legal Obligations – where we are obliged to collect and process your Personal Information to comply with the law and our legal obligations. For example: we must collect and process Personal Information to fulfil Orders, and for tax and legal compliance reasons.

  • Legitimate Interests – where we have a legitimate interest to collect and process your Personal Information. For example: marketing, advertising, professional development, product and business development, website enhancement, information security.

How we store and safeguard Personal Information


Where we are required to store Personal Information, we use reasonable endeavours to maintain the security of; and prevent unauthorised access to, or disclosure of, the Personal Information we collect.


Location of data

Our website, email and electronic document storage services are hosted on servers located within Australia. However, we use other third-party services that may transmit or store some Personal Information overseas, including to the United States of America.

Personal Information may also be transmitted or stored outside Australia if:

  • we send or receive communications or information to or from parties located outside Australia; or

  • the sender or recipient of the communications or information uses a service (for example: an email hosting provider) that is located outside Australia.

Personal Information that is transmitted or stored outside Australia might not be subject to Australian privacy laws.


Security of Payment Information

All online payments are processed via our trusted banking and payment processing suppliers.

We do not collect or store credit card information on our servers except for partial card numbers, expiry date and cardholder information that we are required to retain for transaction verification purposes.

Processing of Personal Information

Purposes for which we process Personal Information

We may process Personal Information for one or more the following purposes:

  • Business Purposes  For example: Providing goods and services to our customers, responding to enquiries, communications, internal management, administration, record-keeping and file maintenance, auditing, legal compliance, obtaining goods & services from suppliers.

  • Compliance Purposes  For example: Disclosures and record-keeping required for accounting, taxation, insurance, corporate governance and compliance with legal obligations.

  • Payment & Transaction Processing  For example: Fulfilment of Orders, receipt and processing of payments and refunds.

  • Website Features, Functionalities & Analytics - To enable features and functionality on our website, and to monitor website usage and engagement. We use third-party analytics services to understand and monitor the use of our website, including obtaining anonymised aggregate user behaviour metrics, search terms and website performance monitoring. This data is used to improve the quality of your user experience, to identify and diagnose performance issues, and to develop and improve our website, product and service offerings and other content.

  • Marketing & Advertising - To promote, advertise and market our business, and measure engagement and marketing results, and to provide you with advertising and promotions that are more relevant to you and your interests. For example: email marketing campaigns, newsletter campaigns, online advertising.


Third Parties

We will not sell or lease your personal information for marketing purposes without your prior consent.

We work and interact with a wide range of third parties to operate our business and obtain goods & services and we may provide some of those third parties with the Personal Information we collect & process.

Some major third party suppliers to whom we may provide Personal Information, and the purposes for which we provide such Personal Information, are set out in the following table. You can learn more about each third party's data and privacy practices on their respective websites.

Third Party  Purposes Policies

Microsoft, Inc. and its subsidiaries, related entities & affiliates.

Website Functionality

Business Purposes


Microsoft Privacy Statement


Xero Limited and its subsidiaries, related entities & affiliates.


Business Purposes


Payment Processing & Transactions


Xero Privacy Statement


Stripe Inc and its subsidiaries, related entities & affiliates


Business Purposes


Payment Processing & Transactions


Stripe Privacy Policy


AfterPay and its subsidiaries, related entities & affiliates


Business Purposes

Payment Processing & Transactions


AfterPay Customer Portal

Google Inc and its subsidiaries, related entities & affiliates.


Website Functionality & Analytics



Google Privacy Policy

Google Partner Site Privacy Policy


Shopify Inc and its subsidiaries, related entities & affiliates.

Website Functionality & Analytics

Business Purposes

Payment Processing & Transactions



Shopify Privacy Policy 


Meta Platforms Inc (Facebook, Instagram) and its subsidiaries, related entities and affiliates.


Website Functionality & Analytics


Facebook Data Policy


Pinterest and its subsidiaries, related entities and affiliates.


Website Functionality & Analytics


Pinterest Privacy Policy



Privacy Enquiries & Complaints

Your rights

In some circumstances, you may have the right to request access to, or correction, amendment, deletion or transfer of, your Personal Information. In addition, you may have the right to object to our handling of your Personal Information.

Your rights may vary depending on your jurisdiction. You may need to seek independent advice in relation to the rights that apply to you.


How to contact us about Privacy

If you have a privacy enquiry or complaint, or our processing of your Personal Information, we ask that you contact us using the contact methods published on our Website.

We will endeavour to respond to enquiries and complaints regarding privacy within a reasonable timeframe. However, this may be extended if the enquiry or complaint is complex or relates to historical or archived information.

We may not be able to respond to enquiries or complaints about privacy where such response would require or cause us to:

  • breach any legislation or laws that apply to us;

  • breach any contractual or legal duties owed by us to our customers or third parties, including obligations relating to confidentiality or the protection of another individual’s privacy.


If you are not satisfied with our response

If you are unhappy with our response to a privacy enquiry or complaint, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). For further information about the OAIC and Australian Privacy Law, please visit the OAIC Website at

If you are outside Australia, you may have the right to lodge an enquiry or complaint with an equivalent privacy authority in your jurisdiction.


Other Privacy Matters

Pseudonyms & anonymity

You may have the option to interact with us on this website or in our social media channels anonymously or under a pseudonym.

However, as we are normally required to identify all customers in order to provide goods or services, it may not be possible for us to offer goods or services to you anonymously or under a pseudonym.


Quality assurance, information integrity & accuracy

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that Personal Information we collect and process is accurate having regard to its purpose.

However, we often need to rely upon information from third-party sources, the accuracy of information may be affected by those third-party sources.


Interpretation & General Provisions


Unless the context otherwise requires, words and phrases used in this Policy have the same meanings as defined in our Terms of Service.


Rules for Interpretation

This Policy forms part of, and is to be interpreted in the same way as, our Terms of Service.