Bobbi Lockyer

Bobbi Lockyer is a celebrated multidisciplinary artist and a mother to four incredible boys. A proud Ngarluma, Kariyarra, Nyulnyul, and Yawuru woman, Bobbi's connection to her Country and community is profound, and she channels this bond through her extensive art, fashion design, and photography portfolios.

Born and nurtured on Kariyarra Country in Port Hedland, her art is a love letter to her community, a dream of a better world, and a celebration of her homeland. The iconic landscapes and brilliant colours of the Pilbara region are her muses, inspiring her daily.

The first thing you notice about Bobbi’s artwork is the way she harnesses colour. There's a kaleidoscopic, psychedelic rainbow in almost every piece! Her work is not just a visual feast but a medium to voice social justice issues, particularly Indigenous and women's rights. Bobbi’s commitment to her community and her craft earned her the title of NAIDOC Artist of the Year in 2021. 

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