Medical Scrub Tops


      Unisex Aboriginal Art Patterned Scrub Tops

      Nurses and medical mob rejoice, you’ll never have to wear another dull set of scrubs again! The world of medical wear has long been dominated by plain, monochromatic designs. But why should medical professionals settle for the mundane? BW Tribal brings a splash of colour and culture to the medical world with our range of Indigenous designed Aboriginal art patterned unisex medical scrubs. 

      Aboriginal Art in Every Scrub Top

      Our unisex medical scrub tops are not just functional wear; they're wearable stories. Adorned with authentic Aboriginal art, each design tells a tale, a narrative deeply rooted in the Indigenous traditions of Australia. When you wear our unisex medical scrub tops, you're wearing a piece of history and culture.


      Aboriginal Art Scrub Tops Crafted for the Modern Medical Professional

      Understanding the demands of the medical field, our Indigenous designed patterned scrub tops are tailored for utmost comfort and durability. Made with moisture-wicking and odour-resistant polyester, they're designed to withstand the challenges of long, busy shifts, ensuring you remain fresh and comfortable throughout.


      Why Our Unisex Aboriginal Art Patterned Medical Scrub Tops Are a Game-Changer

      • 100% authentic Indigenous Art: Every scrub in our collection showcases 100% authentic Indigenous art, designed by Australian Aboriginal artists. It's a celebration of Aboriginal art in medical wear, bringing the stories of Indigenous Australia to hospitals and clinics.
      • Functionality Meets Style: Our unisex medical scrubs are not just about looking good; they're about feeling good too. Crafted with premium materials, they ensure you stay comfortable, even during the most demanding shifts.
      • For Everyone and Every Setting: Whether you're a nurse, a doctor, or any other medical professional, our Indigenous designed medical scrub tops are perfect for you. They're unisex, ensuring a great fit for everyone.
      • More Than Just Medical Wear: While our scrubs are perfect for the medical field, their unique Indigenous designs make them stand out. It's Aboriginal art medical clothing that's both stylish and meaningful.

      Making a Statement in the Medical Field

      Every Indigenous designed patterned scrub top is a result of our collaboration with genuine Indigenous artists across Australia. We believe in giving back, and a portion of every sale goes directly to Indigenous communities across Australia. Moreover, our First Nations artists are fairly compensated for their amazing work.


      Unisex Aboriginal Art Medical Scrub Tops: The BW Tribal Touch

      In a world of generic medical wear, our unisex Aboriginal art patterned medical scrubs stand out. They're not just clothes to get you through your shift; they're a statement of respect, admiration, and appreciation for the Indigenous cultures of Australia.

      With our collection of Indigenous designed medical scrubs, you get to express your admiration for one of the world's oldest cultures. It's a celebration of tradition, Indigenous art, and modern practicality.