Yvonne Bell

Yvonne Bell is a talented Minang Noongar and Ngadju artist hailing from Yarramoup (Jerramugup) in the picturesque southern region of Western Australia. She has a deep connection with Banjelungup (Bremer Bay) and has since made her home in Boorloo (Perth). 

Yvonne's deep-rooted connection to her Boodja and the invaluable teachings from her mother serve as the primary inspirations behind her artwork. As a child, living amidst nature in the bush, she learned invaluable lessons on caring for Country, being observant of its wonders, and appreciating its bounty without taking it for granted. Her mother imparted wisdom on gathering bush food and the art of thriving on Country. Yvonne's artwork bursts with bright hues, mirroring the vivid colours of her homeland, from the bright wildflowers to the vivid crystal blue waters. Each stroke of her brush is a tribute to her mother and a canvas of family memories.

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