NAIDOC 2023 | For Our Elders


      We are proud to present our four dedicated and inspiring collaborating artists: Karla Mcgrady, Leah Brideson, Joel Sam and Beau Pennefather Motlop, each representing their own culture and experiences for NAIDOC Week 2023. Their artworks are as follows: "My Old People" by Karla Mcgrady, "Past, Present and Future" by Leah Brideson, "For Our Elders" by Joel Sam, and "Ancient Knowledge" by Beau Pennefather Motlop.

      Across every generation, our Elders have played, and continue to play, an important role, holding a prominent place in our communities and families. They are cultural knowledge holders, trailblazers, nurturers, advocates, teachers, survivors, leaders, and our loved ones. They guide us through the generations, paving the paths we take today. We draw strength from their knowledge and experience, in everything from land management and traditional culture to justice and human rights.

      The struggles of our Elders help to move us forward today. The equality we continue to fight for is found in their legacy. Their wisdom and their tenacity have carried the survival of our people in the past and continue to carry it in the present. When it comes to the future, we remember this through their teachings: There is nothing about us - without us.