Deb Belyea's 'Urapun Muy' Wins NAIDOC 2024 Poster Competition

Deb Belyea's 'Urapun Muy' Wins NAIDOC 2024 Poster Competition

BW Tribal  is proud to celebrate the announcement of Samuawgadhalgal artist Deb Belyea as the winner of the 2024 NAIDOC Week Poster Competition. Belyea's winning artwork, titled 'Urapun Muy' meaning 'One Fire' in the Kalaw Kawaw Ya dialect, beautifully embodies this year's theme, "Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud."

Belyea's design depicts the hands of an elder carefully nurturing a glowing ember, symbolising the sacred act of passing down cultural wisdom and traditions to the younger generation, ensuring the continuity of Indigenous identity and pride.


As an educator and proud member of the Cassowary Clan, whose ancestry connects to the upper Western Torres Strait islands, including Saibai, Dauan, and the Bamaga-Saibai community of Cape York, Belyea's design draws inspiration from her Torres Strait Islander hertifage. The central fire ember symbolises the eternal flame of cultural knowledge and pride that must be kept alive across generations.

“Culture is the fire that burns within all of us. It is essential to us when we talk about our people, identity, and spirituality." Belyea told SBS’ NITV.

The NAIDOC poster competition, a cornerstone event since 1967, plays a significant role in educating and connecting the broader Australian community with the rich traditions of its Indigenous peoples. With the posters set to be distributed nationwide in Kmart, K hub, and Target stores from early June, Belyea's 'Urapun Muy' will serve as a beacon of cultural pride and an invitation to all Australians to engage with and appreciate the vibrant cultures of First Nations communities.

BW Tribal has long been a supporter of NAIDOC Week , and celebrating and promoting the unique cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is the backbone of what we do. As a company founded on the principles of empowerment and cultural pride, BW Tribal is committed to showcasing the talents of Indigenous artists and designers, ensuring that their voices are heard and their stories are told.

Through collaborations with Indigenous artists, BW Tribal incorporates authentic designs and motifs into their clothing lines, allowing customers to wear their cultural pride with confidence. By supporting initiatives like the NAIDOC poster competition, BW Tribal aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture, while also providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents and share their stories with the world.

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