Women's Puffer Vests


      Indigenous Designed Aboriginal Art NAIDOC Puffer Vests for Women

      When the temperature drops, and you're looking for that perfect blend of warmth and style, BW Tribal has got you covered. Introducing our range of women's NAIDOC puffer vests adorned with authentic Aboriginal art, with each design making homage to past NAIDOC Week themes. These puffer vests are not just about keeping you warm; they're about wearing a piece of Indigenous Australia's rich history.

      Indigenous Designed Women's NAIDOC Puffer Vests: Wear Your Story

      Our puffer vests are more than just winter wear. They're wearable stories, each showcasing authentic Aboriginal art. Every design carries with it a narrative, deeply rooted in NAIDOC history.

      Indigenous NAIDOC Design Tailored for Modern Comfort

      Crafted with the modern woman in mind, our puffer vests offer the warmth and comfort you’re after for those chilly days. They proudly display Aboriginal artwork, and they're tailored to provide the snug fit, support and cosiness you need. They're super durable and are resistant to shrinking and wrinkling, as well as boasting moisture wicking and anti-sweat properties. Remember, all of BW Tribal's clothing is 100% ally-friendly and can be worn by anyone who wishes to celebrate Indigenous art and culture.

      Why Our  Women's Aboriginal Art NAIDOC Puffer Vests Stand Out From The Rest

      • Authenticity in Every Stitch: Every Indigenous designed women's puffer vest in our collection showcases 100% authentic Indigenous art, designed by Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and bringing the stories of NAIDOC Week to life. 
      • Warmth and Style Combined: Made with premium materials, our Indigenous designed women's puffer vests ensure you stay warm without compromising on style. They're the perfect blend of functionality and cultural pride.
      • Versatile for Every Setting: Whether it's a casual day out, a winter hike, or just a day in the city, our Indigenous designed women's puffer vests fit the bill.

      Feeling Good While Looking Good In Our Aboriginal Art NAIDOC Puffer Vests

      Our Indigenous designed women's puffer vests are a result of our collaboration with genuine Indigenous artists across Australia. We believe in giving back, and a portion of every sale goes directly to Indigenous communities across Australia. Moreover, our First Nations artists are fairly compensated for their invaluable contributions.


      Indigenous Designed NAIDOC Women's Puffer Vests: The BW Tribal Touch

      Our Indigenous designed women's puffer vests stand out, so why be bland when you can be bold? These puffer vests aren’t just purely functional -  They're also a statement of respect, admiration, and appreciation for the Indigenous cultures of Australia.

      Celebrate NAIDOC With Every Wear

      With BW Tribal's Aboriginal art NAIDOC women's puffer vests, you get to express your admiration for one of the world's oldest cultures. Remember, all of BW Tribal's clothes are 100% ally-friendly!  So, if you're looking to elevate your winter wear, infuse a touch of Indigenous art into your get-up, or simply wear something that stands out, our collection of Aboriginal art women's NAIDOC puffer vests is the answer.