For Our Elders Joel Sam Artwork NAIDOC 2023


Zenadth Kes region is made up of five island groups, Top Western, Western, Eastern, Central and Inner Islands. This is represented by the five stars, for our elders from past to present is also depicted in these stars from the big star (Past) to the small star (Present day).

The other patterns represent different cultural knowledge, language and tradition that Our Elders have passed on. Also the caring and nurturing from our elders through our kinship system. We are seafaring people and often rely on the constellation as guide. Our Aboriginal elders also used the stars as a guide. The stars has a spiritual meaning, the homes of our ancestors, also holds valuable information about season, optimum time to harvest and travel.

First Nation Elders used these constellations and have pass on their knowledge to younger generation which, is represented in the rip curls, the flow on of tides meaning the knowledge, is passed onto the next generation, sometimes we struggle against the currents but always our elders is there to help. Each curls represent the many different pathways that Our Elders paved before our time; from Education (teachers, principals), Health (Health workers), Railway workers (set the record and paved pathway for careers), Maritime careers (skippers, divers etc), Public Service (community service) and Defence Force.

For Our Elders, today we are grateful and appreciate their hard work, their advocacy for the advancement of today’s generation. Much Respect For Our Elders.

Material & Information

The 'For Our Elders' Artwork design is by Aboriginal Artist Joel Sam. This artwork is Joel's NAIDOC 2023 Artwork.

We've very excited to share this brilliant new piece theming for NAIDOC 2023 'For Our Elders. A percentage of each purchase goes towards supporting our collaborative artists and their families. Pass on the story of this artwork for generations to come.

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For Our Elders (NAIDOC 2023) - Women's Polo Shirt

For Our Elders (NAIDOC 2023) - Women's Polo Shirt