Jaanda Fishing Polo Collection

Alison Simpson will receive a percentage of the sale for every artwork purchase with BW Tribal. Your purchase will go towards supporting Alison Simpson as an artist, Indigenous communities and an Indigenous Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Owned Business. Every fishing polo sold from our collaboration pieces go towards supporting families and giving back.

Alison Simpson Artist Portrait

Alison Simpson | Aboriginal Wiradjuri Artist

My name is Alison Simpson (yalidyan – my Wiradjuri name). I am a Wiradjuri woman from central NSW as well as Wemba Wemba from northwest VIC and am culturally connected to many other places. I currently live and work on Djiriganj & Thaua countries within the Yuin nation where I have done so on and off over the past 25 years.

I commenced my artistic journey in 2013 where I started painting for read more...

Jaanda Festival - Unisex Long-Sleeved Fishing Polo Shirt
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ARTIST: ALISON SIMPSON ARTWORK NAME: JAANDA FESTIVAL  Material & Information The 'Jaanda Festival' Indigenous artwork by Aboriginal Wiradjuri woman Alison Simpson is the Downright Deadly Design for any Fishing Adventure or Water Sport. The Unisex Long-Sleeved Fishing Polo Shirt features a wide range...