What Does It Mean To Be An Ally-Friendly Brand?

What Does It Mean To Be An Ally-Friendly Brand?

In a world where the boundaries between appreciation and appropriation can sometimes blur, the concept of being 'ally-friendly' is an important distinction for a brand like BW Tribal to make. Being ally-friendly is about celebrating and supporting without overstepping…And that's the essence of BW Tribal.

The 'ally-friendly' approach is all about inclusivity. It's for everyone, crafted with Indigenous art at its core but welcoming to all. When people from diverse backgrounds wear our designs, it's a sign of respect and admiration for Indigenous Australian culture, ensuring it remains visible and celebrated on a broader scale.

However, embracing Indigenous designs is just the beginning. True allyship dives much deeper. While buying from 100% Indigenous-owned brands like BW Tribal is a fantastic step, it's crucial to recognize that this act alone doesn't challenge systems that have historically marginalised Indigenous communities for hundreds of years. To be a genuine ally, one must continually educate oneself, and engage in meaningful conversations.

BW Tribal, offers everyone a chance to be part of this beautiful journey. By choosing BW Tribal, you're not just making a fashion statement; you're voicing support, understanding, and appreciation. You're acknowledging the unique and nuanced beauty of Indigenous artistry and the importance of celebrating it.

In a nutshell, being 'ally-friendly' goes beyond clothing. It's about understanding its roots, respecting its origins, and actively uplifting the communities behind it.

If you are looking to understand more about how you can deepen your allyship, there are a lot of fantastic resources at your fingertips. This article by the Research for Development Impact Network is a great place to start:
Indigenous Allyship: Principles and Practice

Remember, BW Tribal is all about combining authentic Aboriginal art with ally-friendly fashion. Head over to our blog to read similar stories.