Weekly Round-Up: Spotlight on Some of Our Most Loved Pieces

Weekly Round-Up: Spotlight on Some of Our Most Loved Pieces

Words by Annie Parry

Our weekly best sellers; 8 of our most popular products we can’t live without. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday or looking for a colourful addition to your workwear wardrobe; this week’s best sellers have a little something for everyone. With this wonderful selection of apparel and goods, not only will you gain a beautiful and unique piece of art, but also piece of mind that you’re supporting Indigenous artists when you purchase.


Yuuruu Yulunga - Women’s Blouse

Adorning a mesmerizing combination of dots, flowing lines and circular swirls; the ‘Yuuruu Yulunga’ painting curated by Aboriginal artist and Kamilaori woman Leah Brideson, elevates this flattering and fashionable blouse. The design is the artists visual representation of the energy and feeling of when rain drops meet Country, bringing both renewal and a lift of the spirit. Presenting a beautiful range of warm neutral browns with highlights of yellow and white, it pairs easily with both shorts or a suit for any occasion.


Yakan Dreaming – Women’s Blouse

If bright colours and dreamtime depiction is more your style, then look no further that the stunning hues of blue that create a lively illustration of Yakan (Noongar word for Long-Necked Turtles), moving gracefully through the Kinjarling waterways in Western Australia. Talented Aboriginal artist Kiya Watt, uses her contemporary style to showcase her cultural knowledge of the landscape that she lives in. Made with SPF 50+ rated fabric, minimal ironing and a resistance to wrinkles, it ensures this piece will last for years to come.


Bundian Way – Men’s Polo Shirt

Aboriginal artist and Wiradjuri woman, Alison Simpson, draws inspiration for her contemporary style paintings from the landscapes around her. ‘Bundian Way’, narrates the ancient pathway connecting the people of the mountains (Mount Kosciuszko) to the seas (Bilgalera Tullermullerer). Stunning pops of bright colours in a range of patterns showcase the vast landscape and groups of people, whilst curved brown lines with dot work rise the mountains up. Weaved through these mountains and land is the pathway; shown as a sturdy ribbon of linework. Just like the pathway allowed for passage to different ceremonies, this polo shirt can be worn for all your travels. With our COOLPASS Technology, you’d be hard pressed to find another shirt that really does it all – from breathable quick dry fabric to ultra-violet resistance, it’s designed for the Australian climate.

Honey Ant Dreaming – Unisex Hi Vis Shirt

A clever combination of style and functionality, our range of Hi-Vis long-sleeved shirts are a must-have for anyone on the job and requiring reflective tape for visibility. A popular design in our new range of inspired Indigenous workwear, the ‘Honey Ant Dreaming’ illustrates the traditional food source for Aboriginal people. Like the stamina of these insects in the harsh bush, these shirts are hearty and sturdy with double stitched 140gsm cotton, UPF rating of 50+ and practical chest pockets; this shirt can handle a bit of hard yakka. ‘She sings to me from the Dreaming’ – Kid’s rash shirt (artwork) (product picture) With winter never lasting too long, it’s a great time to think about keeping the kids protected on their next creek trip or sea swim. We all know the harshness of the Australian sun, so what better way to cover your little one then in a stylish and practical long-sleeved rash shirt.

Another stunning piece from artist Leah Brideson, is her representation of her grandmother’s country and legacy; ‘She sings to me from the Dreaming’. An intricate display of varying mosaic shapes and dots of warming bronzes, golds and reds, wrap around three connected and centred circles which tell a story of her grandmother’s journeys in relation to her own. If you are enjoying this style, the same enchanting and intricate pattern is available in our next product; the unisex casual shorts, so you can match your little one!

‘She sings to me from the Dreaming’ – Unisex Casual Shorts

Another benefit of an approaching summer is switching your trackies for shorts, and we have the perfect pair which is made with the same COOLPASS Technology of our ever-popular polo shirts. This means that they have moisture-wicking polyester that is both durable and comfortable and can be used for both wet and dry days out. Not to mention, the inclusion of pockets on each side and a soft elastic waistband allows for ease of movement and practicality. Depicting the same stunning artwork of Aboriginal artist Leah Brideson, ‘She sings to me from the Dreaming’. A vital addition to your wardrobe as it can be easily paired with a t-shirt or swimsuit.

For our Elders (NAIDOC 2023) – lanyard + women’s polo shirt

Continue the conversation of NAIDOC week 2023, throughout the whole year with these wonderful and igniting additions to your workwear. Indigenous artist Joel Sam explores his personal engagement with Torres Strait Island culture using contemporary style through printmaking and sculpture. The artwork is named after the 2023 NAIDOC theme this year; ‘For our Elders’ and uses a grayscale design of bold and outlined imagery of 5 stars with corresponding patterns. The powerful icons of the stars represent the five island groups of the Zanadth Kes region, as well as the elders from the big star (past) to the small star (present). The other various patterns represent different themes including language, cultural knowledge and traditions which these elders have passed on. This powerful and deadly artwork really drives the key messaging of the respect we have for these elders which utilised the constellations as guides – from travel, to harvesting, to seasons. These stars, much like the elders themselves, possess a great deal of knowledge and have a deep spiritual meaning. 

Check out these styles and more on our website, where you’ll find a huge selection of apparel and goods from other talented Indigenous artists.