Tiddalick The Frog Dreamtime Story

Tiddalick The Frog Dreamtime Story

Welcome to the tale of Tiddalick, the colossal frog with an insatiable thirst. This timeless Dreamtime story sets off a chain of events filled with humour, ingenuity, and the spirit of community: 

Once upon a time in the heart of the Dreamtime, there lived Tiddalick, the largest frog the world had ever seen. 

One fateful morning, Tiddalick awoke with an insatiable thirst. He began to drink, and he didn’t stop until he had consumed all the water from the billabongs, rivers, and lakes. His body swelled with the water he had ingested, leaving the land parched and the other animals desperate for a drink.

The animals were in a state of despair. They knew they needed to act quickly to save their home and themselves from dying of thirst. A council was held, and the wise old wombat suggested a plan: if they could make Tiddalick laugh, perhaps all the water would rush out of his mouth, replenishing the water sources and saving the land.

Eager to try anything, the animals gathered around Tiddalick and began their attempts to make him laugh. The echidna rolled herself into a ball and tumbled down the bank, the kangaroo jumped over the emu, and the wombat danced in circles until he fell over. Even Googoo Gaga, the kookaburra, shared his funniest stories. But Tiddalick remained unmoved, his large belly full of water and his face void of any smile.

Just when the animals were about to give up, Nabunum the eel slithered forward. Driven from his favourite creek by the drought, he was determined to save his home. He danced and twisted, contorting his body into knots and shapes that had all the animals laughing. And finally, Tiddalick’s eyes lit up, his belly wobbled, and he burst out laughing.

The water gushed out of his mouth, filling the billabongs, rivers, and lakes once again. The land was saved, and the animals rejoiced, grateful for the water and the return of balance to their home.

The story of Tiddalick serves as a reminder of the power of laughter and the importance of working together in times of crisis. The animals of the Dreamtime showed us that even in the face of adversity, a little creativity and perseverance can bring forth life-saving solutions.

Image: Anna Bron