Say Hello To Our Latest Collection Of Exclusively Designed Polo Shirts

Say Hello To Our Latest Collection Of Exclusively Designed Polo Shirts

Gear up in style with our vibrant new range of polo shirts, designed to brighten both your day and your wardrobe.

Rooted in tradition and inspired by the interconnectedness of nature, family and Country,  our latest collection of 10 stunning polo shirts showcase the incredible talent of our artists and the enduring power of Indigenous storytelling. Discover the designs and artistry that make these unique polo shirts more than just fashion; they're wearable art.

Every one of our polo shirts tells a story deeply rooted in the rich history and culture of First Nations peoples and features an original, intricate artwork that celebrates the diversity and spirit of Indigenous Australian communities. We are thrilled to feature the artwork of two distinctive Indigenous Australian artists in this diverse collection. 

Alison Simpson's four designs seamlessly blend traditional techniques and motifs with modern aesthetics, showcasing her dedication to preserving Indigenous culture while embracing contemporary styles.

Adorned with captivating swirls and vibrant colours, the ‘Sisters’ polo shirt symbolises the intrinsic bond that sisters share. Allison’s design, titled ‘Miimi’ – (pronounced “mimmy”) is the Wiradjuri word for ‘sister’. This unique design transforms a classic polo shirt into a statement of love, solidarity, and enduring spirit.

‘Pelican’ sees Alison harnessing bright, jewel-toned colours to highlight our feathered-friend’s majesty. The intricate artwork features a traditional dot painting technique, complemented by a dynamic fusion of contrasting colours. The central pelican design symbolises grace and adaptability, embodying the resilience and spirit of Indigenous communities.

The ‘Family Place’ polo shirt blends traditional art with contemporary design, symbolic of the central role families play within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Featuring elegant lines, intriguing dot patterns, and a fusion of warm and cool colour palettes, this captivating design reflects the comforting embrace of familial bonds. The intricate artwork echoes the network of love, support, and connection that forms the backbone of Indigenous societies.

Featuring a mesmerising array of vivid colours and intricate dot patterns, the 'One Mob' polo shirt is a testament to the unity and diversity of Aboriginal Australians. The design is characterised by dynamic, interconnected circles, symbolising the unbreakable bond and interconnectedness of cultural groups that make up the Indigenous Australian tapestry.

The designs by Leah Brideson, who created three of our new polo shirts, are drawn from her personal experiences and spiritual connection to the land -  Leah’s designs glorify Country at her finest.

Leah’s artwork, ‘To My Country’ tells the story of her childhood journey travelling back to her Grandmother’s Country. The intricate design features geometric patterns and meticulous dot work, masterfully incorporated with a captivating blend of earthy colours.

“Seeing the Country illuminated through the lights beaming from the front of the car - It was such a magical time as a kid, and the landscape was much fuller and denser than it is travelling back there now. Following rivers, bending around mountains and travelling under the guidance of my Ancestors to my Grandmother’s Country.” - Leah

‘Yuuruu Yulunga’ is Leah’s visual representation of the inexplicable energy she feels in the lead up to a rainstorm, and the grounding sense of connectedness to Country that it brings her. Leah’s design incorporates a combination of symmetry and organic shapes, fluid lines, mesmerising patterns, and a soft colour palette.

Yuuruu Dance’ is a kaleidoscope of colours, symbolising the return of rain to Country. The eye-catching design features a combination of organic shapes and intricate dot patterns, interwoven with a contrasting colour palette - blues, greens and purples delicately seep around earthy tones - embodying a spectacular display of regeneration after drought. 

Lastly, we at BW Tribal have designed three pieces from this collection, paying homage to the Brolga, the Oyster, and the Earth on which they thrive.

‘Brolga Dancing’ captures the majestic dance of the Brolga - A courtship ritual which involves jumping up to a metre in the air with outstretched wings. There are tribal dances that depict the brolgas dance,  usually performed at corroboree meeting places.

Blue Oyster’ showcases a harmonious blend of vivid blues, soft purples, and entrancing white lines to create striking patterns reminiscent of swirling currents and the fascinating marine life hidden beneath the waves - capturing the essence of Australia's vast ocean landscapes.

‘Mother Spirit’ is enveloped in rich, earthy tones of ochre and turquoise. The intricate, winding motif unfolds across the shirt's canvas, forging a harmonious rhythm of shapes and symbolism. The delicately interconnected patterns conjure visions of nurturing connections and ancestral wisdom, igniting a recognition of the Earth and her strength.

Explore our latest collection of polo shirts, and experience the captivating stories and striking designs for yourself. Shop now to add these beautifully crafted pieces to your wardrobe, and join us in celebrating Indigenous Australian heritage with style and authenticity.

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