Product spotlight: Women’s Blouses For Your Back-To-Work Wardrobe.

Product spotlight: Women’s Blouses For Your Back-To-Work Wardrobe.

Words by Annie Parry

On the hunt for the perfect blouse to take you from team meetings to tukka time? Look no further than our delightful and growing range of women’s blouses, both flattering and stylish, there’s no doubt you’ll be wanting one for every day of the week! 

For busy days in and out of the office, we have ensured that our blouses have been produced with comfort and style in mind. The lightweight and stretchy blend of polyester and spandex fabric ensures it’s durable yet flattering, with split cap sleeves and a relaxed-fit. Including resistance to wrinkles and shrinking, and a SP 50+ rating, there is no doubt these pieces will last for years to come. Not to mention they only need minimal ironing and with the colourfast fabric they are resistant to fading as well!

When you buy one of our blouses not only will you gain a beautiful and unique piece of art, but also piece of mind that you’re supporting Indigenous artists when you purchase.  

Check out some of the best sellers for our women’s blouses:

Rebirth: We Have Survived

Sydney born Aboriginal artist and Wiradjuri woman, Peta-Joy Williams, draws inspiration for her artwork from both the inland and coast, using her extensive education in Aboriginal art to help her tell stories of these landscapes. Her piece ‘Rebirth: We have survived’, depicts the rebirth of land after the affects of bushfire; a sobering yet beautiful showcase of these changes. Ombre hues of yellow, pink, and orange show the colours of the fires, whilst through an assortment of different shapes and icons in bright colours depict the native flora reclaiming the land. A bright and lively design, this blouse will be sure to ignite a conversation through the joyful reminder that despite great destruction, we have survived.  

Contours of Country

Curated by Aboriginal artist and Kamilaori woman Leah Brideson, ‘Contours of Country’ depicts the wonderful pathways, shapes and lines that form the dry and arid land of Kamilaori country. This design uses a birds-eye view to depict the pathways through the landscape of her country, with striking blue and green dot work, enclosed in bright red marks, bring a connected fluidity to the work. Finished with white lines of dots to represent the cracks in the land, Leah’s signature style of ‘cracked earth’ shows the landscape and all the beautiful colours and shapes it can take on.  


‘Ancestors’ designed by our in-house Aboriginal artists, is an earthy toned and block styled print work of stepping-stones. These stones which are depicted as different pastel yellow shapes, represent the different generations of ancestors of the Aboriginal people. Tied together with flowing dot work which connects each generation’s timelines, journeys, and pathways from ancient ancestors to our present-day elders. It’s a beautiful reminder that even though our Ancestors have passed on, their spirits still inhabit the tribal country and are a part of Aboriginal people in this modern day, they must not be forgotten as they helped carved the path. 

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