Medical Scrubs Tops For The Heroes Of Our Communities.

Medical Scrubs Tops For The Heroes Of Our Communities.

Words By Annie Parry

Nurses and medical mob rejoice, you’ll never have to wear another dull set of scrubs again! Become the most fashionable, and welcoming person on your ward with our beautiful and bright selection of unisex scrub tops. With four charming prints in our range, there is a design to suit everyone. 

Fabricated for the real world of patient care with moisture-wicking and odour resistant polyester, we’ve designed our scrubs to last those busy long shifts. Lightweight and durable with side-hem splits, you will have plenty of space to move comfortably, whilst the V-neck shaped collar is perfect for the hotter days. Don’t worry, we’ve also taken care of the nitty gritty details as well; front chest pocket for your notes, pen loop for the trusty biro and hip pockets for all the things you’ll no doubt pick up during the day. Not to mention antibacterial & antimicrobial fabric properties, plus a resistance to wrinkles and shrinking in the wash, give you piece of mind that this top will last the distance. 

When you buy one of our scrubs not only will you gain a beautiful and unique piece of art, but also piece of mind that you’re supporting Indigenous artists when you purchase.

Our current range:

Bundian Way

Aboriginal artist and Wiradjuri woman, Alison Simpson, draws inspiration for her contemporary style paintings from the landscapes around her. The ever-popular ‘Bundian Way’, narrates the ancient pathway connecting the people of the mountains (Mount Kosciuszko) to the seas (Bilgalera Tullermullerer). Stunning pops of bright colours in a range of patterns showcase the vast landscape and groups of people, whilst curved brown lines with dot work rise the mountains up. Weaved through these mountains and land is the pathway; shown as a sturdy ribbon of linework. 


Another gorgeous artwork by Alison Simpson is her piece ‘Healing’. This painting, as suggested from its title, speaks of both the power that comes from healing yourself and the strength in healing. The print depicts the process of healing through use of rich navy blue, pink, white and green tones in simple blocked lines and dots, showing the people involved. This shared experience and journey results in growth and strength that ripple outwards and impact all those involved.  

A message of hope can be drawn from this beautiful and bold design, it’s meaning of shared experience where patients work with their carers on the journey to health in unison. 

Get Up

At BW Tribal we collaborate with many Indigenous artists including our in-house Aboriginal artists who work to create original prints for our products. This design titled ‘Get Up’ is a striking, bright, and joyful design that easily makes you smile.

An array of pastel toned background dots represents all nationalities of children in Australia today, whilst the flower like ‘U’ shapes represent the elders in the community sitting together in a united discussion. Striking white lines create a star shape, with each point representing the discussed changes to be addressed and actioned, whilst the faded white dots ripple through the artwork – symbolising the effect these changes could have. The key message of the works is that it is time for all Australians to get up and teach the next generation the true Indigenous history and to support constitutional change in our country. 

A strong print with a powerful message, this story-telling style of work is great to help start a conversation with all; from young to old, and helps visualise that whilst changes may seem small, they can affect the future of our large nation. 

Contours of Country

‘Contours of Country’ curated by Aboriginal artist and Kamilaori woman Leah Brideson, depicts the wonderful pathways, shapes and lines that form the dry and arid land of Kamilaori country. Known for her contemporary style, Leah uses her signature ‘cracked earth’ style to depict landscapes, often from birds-eye view, and the paths that she takes on them. This beautiful dot work of sublime blue and green, enclosed in bright red marks, bring a fluid and flowing pattern to the work. Finished with stark white depicting the cracks in the land. This piece will perhaps resonate with those patients whom may be missing the sights and shapes of their own country, and are comforted by a pattern of land they may recognise. 

Check out these styles and more on our website, where you’ll find a huge selection of apparel and goods from other talented Indigenous artists