Our Flag, Our Story

Our Flag, Our Story

Gather around, book lovers! There's a new children’s book that's a journey into the heart of the Torres Strait Islander community. It's called "Our Flag, Our Story", and it’s a celebration of identity, unity, and pride wrapped in the colourful pages of history and a very personal narrative.

Imagine being a little boy and witnessing your dad create a symbol that would forever resonate with an entire community. That's the story of Bernard Namok Jnr, whose father, Uncle Bernard Namok, designed the iconic Torres Strait Islander Flag. 

“I remember when I was in primary school, a competition was announced for all Torres Strait Islanders to design a flag to best represent our people. From that time onwards, I remember my dad sitting up late doing sketches. Night after night the dinner table would be filled with his sketches of the flag.” - Bernard Namok Jr (AIATSIS)

“Our Flag, Our Story” isn't just about the creation of a flag; it's a doorway into understanding what it means to the Torres Strait Islanders - a beacon of unity, a shared identity, and an immense source of pride.

What makes this book stand out are the stunning digital illustrations by Tori Jay Mordey. Each page is an explosion of the vibrant colours and spirit of the Torres Strait - a visual feast that complements the heartfelt story being told.

Aimed at young readers aged 5 to 12, "Our Flag, Our Story" is more than a children's book. It's an essential piece of Australian and Torres Strait Islander history made accessible to all ages. It's an invitation to dive into the rich culture, place, and people of the Torres Strait Islands, told through a personal and engaging narrative.

Whether you're a child, a parent, an educator, or simply a curious soul, this book is a beautiful way to explore and celebrate the diversity that makes Australia so unique. So why not take this colourful journey and discover the story behind the flag that binds the Torres Strait Islander community together? It's a story of creativity, identity, and the power of symbols to unite us all.

You can find “Our Flag, Our Story” at Indigenous publishing house, Magabala Books, and leading Indigenous education resource platform, Koori Curriculum, as well as all your regular book retailers!