Get to Know BW Tribal's Latest Aboriginal Art T-Shirts

Get to Know BW Tribal's Latest Aboriginal Art T-Shirts

It's no secret that here at BW Tribal, we love our vibrant and expressive Aboriginal art shirts! However, our latest collection of women's and unisex tees embrace a more elegant and understated aesthetic.

The Wildflowers and Rise t-shirts are a testament to BW Tribal's commitment to evolving our style while staying true to our roots. Our new Aboriginal art t-shirts are perfect for anyone looking to incorporate Indigenous art into their wardrobe in a more understated, elegant way. 

The new tees feature a slim fit design, perfect for flattering your silhouette. The classic round neckline and short sleeves makes it an easy summer staple. They're crafted from premium, breathable fabric, and come in summery hues of baby blue and pastel pink.

Design Elements Taken From Our Best-Selling Artworks

Our new range of cotton-blend tees features exclusive designs derived from our best-selling 'Get Up' and 'Desert Flower' artworks. Our new designs 'Wildflowers' and 'Rise', mark a departure from our brand's typically bold designs, and embrace a more feminine and pastel look.

The design of the Wildflowers tee is inspired by our 'Desert Flower' artwork, depicting the stunning flowers of the desert from an aerial perspective.

The Rise tee is derived from our 'Get Up' artwork. This design emphasises the importance of educating the next generation about Australia's true Indigenous history.

Unisex and Ally-Friendly

Our new pink Rise tee comes in women's straight sizing, as well as a unisex inclusive size run that caters to all genders and bodies. As usual, all of our new Aboriginal art t-shirts are 100% ally-friendly and can be worn by anyone who wishes to celebrate Indigenous art and culture!

Supporting Indigenous Artists with Every Purchase

With every purchase from BW Tribal, you support local Indigenous artists and communities. This commitment is the heart and soul of our company. Working with our team of talented First Nations artists allow us to uplift Indigenous communities all around Australia.

Join the BW Tribal Movement

Embrace our latest offering of Aboriginal art clothing with BW Tribal's  women's and unisex t-shirt collection. Whether you opt for the Wildflowers or the Rise design, you're carrying a story of Indigenous pride and resilience with you, wherever you go. Support Indigenous Australia and make a statement with BW Tribal.