Artist Profile: Leah Brideson

Artist Profile: Leah Brideson

Meet Leah, an Aboriginal woman from the Kamilaroi tribe and a gifted self-taught contemporary artist, born in Canberra, ACT. With her mob's roots in the Gunnedah region, Leah has been honing her skills from a young age and painting professionally for over seven years.

"Art is such an important platform to share my culture with the wider community. My art is like a 'visual yarn', people really connect with the stories and meaning behind the work."

Passionate about the value that her art holds as a bridge to share her culture, Leah’s paintings are incredibly detailed, filled with depth, culture and connection. She draws inspiration not only from her Kamilaroi heritage, but also from the changing landscapes of her hometown, her journeys to the ocean country, and beyond.

Her distinct approach to art incorporates layers of fine dotting, linework, colour gradients, Aboriginal symbolism, and her signature 'cracked earth' landscape. The cracked earth in her paintings holds a deep connection to Kamilaroi country, showcasing its rich history, culture, and stories.

Attentive to details such as natural patterns, light, shade, and texture in the landscape, Leah's paintings blend two perspectives: landscape and birds-eye view. Through the latter, she maps her personal and ancestral journeys, weaving a tapestry of cultural ties and newfound connections to her heritage.

"As I learn more about my culture and discover my ancestors' footprints in the landscape, I feel the urge to paint my story, my sense of place."

You can check out Leah’s collective works in person at The Back Door Gallery in Penrith, NSW.

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