Bobbi Lockyer joins the BW Tribal Family

Bobbi Lockyer joins the BW Tribal Family

Bobbi Lockyer, a celebrated multidisciplinary artist, is bringing a splash of colour and a fresh wave of creativity to BW Tribal! Born and raised on Kariyarra Country in Port Hedland, Bobbi blends her love for her community and her dream for a harmonious, peaceful world into every artistic venture she undertakes. You may not have heard of Bobbi before, but you’ve definitely seen her work - Her design, titled ‘For Our Elders,’ snagged the top spot in the 2023 NAIDOC poster competition, becoming the official artwork for this year’s NAIDOC week!


The first thing you notice about Bobbi’s artwork is the way she harnesses colour. There's a kaleidoscopic, psychedelic rainbow in almost every piece! Bobbi’s art is a reflection of her passion for her homeland, drawing inspiration from the iconic Pilbara landscapes and the myriad of colours they offer. Her work is not just a visual feast but a medium to voice social justice issues, particularly Indigenous and women's rights. Bobbi’s commitment to her community and her craft earned her the title of NAIDOC Artist of the Year in 2021. 

 Some of Bobbi's colourful pieces.

A proud Ngarluma, Kariyarra, Nyulnyul, and Yawuru woman, Bobbi is also a mother to four young boys, raising them on the values of love for Country and community. Her journey and real-life experiences are shared candidly on her social media, where she connects with thousands, breaking stigmas associated with birth trauma, domestic violence, and racism in Australia.


 BW Tribal is thrilled to collaborate with such a dynamic Indigenous artist. Bobbi’s unique style and commitment to her art and community align perfectly with our vision. Her pieces are more than just art; they are a statement, and a step towards a better, more inclusive world.

Bobbi’s collaboration with BW Tribal is not just a fusion of styles but a union of visions and values. Together, we aim to spread the beauty of Indigenous art and the powerful messages it carries.

Keep your eye out on the blog for an interview with Bobbi - coming soon!