Meet Alison Simpson - The Creative Force Behind Four of BW Tribal's Latest Polo Shirt Designs

Meet Alison Simpson - The Creative Force Behind Four of BW Tribal's Latest Polo Shirt Designs

Introducing Alison Simpson, a talented Aboriginal artist whose captivating designs have graced our latest collection of polo shirts. Known by her Wiradjuri name, yalidyan, Alison is of Wiradjuri heritage from central NSW and Wemba Wemba from northwest VIC. She is culturally connected to various regions across Australia and has lived and worked on Djirringanj & Thaua Countries within the Yuin nation for over 25 years.

Alison commenced her artistic journey in 2013, using painting for therapeutic purposes in her free time. She is one of three siblings who are all skilled artists, sharing a passion for their culture and visual representations. Her brother and sister are also accomplished artists, each bringing their unique perspectives and talents to the creative world.

Known for her vibrant and contemporary style, Alison's artwork primarily utilises acrylic paints on canvas. Her creations are characterised by their vivid colour palettes, reflecting the beauty and energy of the environments from which she draws inspiration.

Simpson’s creativity is often sparked by the landscape she inhabits, the people she encounters and the experiences that mould her journey. The fusion of her cultural
background and her innate talent shines through her evocative and powerful art. Her artwork manifests the delicate balance between tradition and contemporary expressions, creating a visual narrative that celebrates her Aboriginal roots.

In 2012, Alison established Yalbangarra, a business that facilitates cultural awareness training for anyone working, engaging or consulting with Indigenous Australians. As the visionary behind the venture, Yalbangarra's comprehensive range of workshops covers topics such as general information, cultural protocols, history, government legislation, and forward progression.

The facilitation of this training by Yalbangarra, under Alison’s expert guidance, addresses the knowledge gap and skillset often lacking in workplaces when it comes to effectively engaging with Indigenous people. While the training does not aim to turn participants into experts in dealing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, it serves as a solid starting point. With the foundation Alison provides, participants gain confidence in understanding what is required to achieve the best outcomes while also knowing where to seek appropriate support.

Alison's remarkable humanitarian and artistic contributions to society is a testament to her passion for art and her dedication to sharing the rich cultural history of her people. We are proud to feature her exquisite designs in our latest polo shirts, providing a colourful and fashionable way to celebrate and honour the remarkable traditions of Indigenous Australia.

Discover the stunning works of Alison Simpson and other brilliant artists in BW Tribal's latest collection of polo shirts, where Indigenous heritage and contemporary fashion collide. Experience the beauty and power of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art as it comes alive on apparel designed to inspire and captivate.

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