Koori Curriculum is Revolutionising Early Childhood Learning

Koori Curriculum is Revolutionising Early Childhood Learning

The Koori Curriculum is an Aboriginal early childhood education consultancy. Operated by Jessica Staines, a Wiradjuri woman and an experienced early childhood teacher, the Koori Curriculum is a movement towards inclusivity and respect for Aboriginal perspectives in early childhood education.

Based on the Central Coast, NSW, the Koori Curriculum reaches early childhood educators across Australia and beyond. Its mission is simple: to weave Aboriginal perspectives into early childhood curriculums seamlessly. This is achieved through a variety of professional development programs and workshops, all designed to enlighten and empower educators.


Jessica Staines, the driving force behind this initiative, brings her heritage and professional expertise to the forefront. Her approach is about inspiring change. With over fifteen years of experience in early childhood education, Jessica has become a pivotal figure in her field, known for her pedagogical knowledge, engaging delivery, and her ability to provoke thought and collaboration respectfully.

The Koori Curriculum's offerings are diverse, including podcasts, educational resources, webinars, online summits, and more. These tools are a bridge connecting educators with Aboriginal culture, ensuring that the next generation grows up with a deeper understanding and respect for First Nations culture.

Testimonials from educators and community members alike speak volumes about the impact of the Koori Curriculum. It's not just a resource; it's a community, a platform for sharing, learning, and growing together. Whether it's through books, toys, or community engagement, the Koori Curriculum is making a tangible difference in the lives of educators and children alike.

The Koori Curriculum stands as a testament to the power of education in bridging cultural gaps. It's a journey of discovery, respect, and integration, led by the passionate and visionary Jessica Staines. For those in the field of early childhood education, Koori Curriculum is a pathway to a more inclusive and culturally aware future.

BW Tribal applauds Jessica's initiative and passion for working towards a more inclusive landscape in early childhood education.

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