Jarrah Boy Shares Native Flavours as the First Indigenous Beer Brand to be Sold Throughout Australia

Jarrah Boy Shares Native Flavours as the First Indigenous Beer Brand to be Sold Throughout Australia

Less than a year after its launch in October 2022, Jarrah Boy is now the first Indigenous range of beer to be sold throughout Australia. The brains behind the brewing company are Monero Ngarigo man, Dale Vocale, along with his business partner and Kabi Kabi man, Isaac Harrison. Their beers are made using native ingredients, sourced from First Nations farmers and other Australian-operated businesses. Supporting Indigenous communities and promoting Indigenous culture is a central goal of Jarrah Boy.

Dale’s knowledge of native ingredients developed in working as a chef for many years. Realising bush-foods were seldom available beyond select fine dining experiences, he decided to bring these flavours to the street by launching a catering and food truck business in Melbourne. Over nine years of operation, in wishing he had a beer to accompany his food, Dale’s idea for Jarrah Boy began brewing.

As COVID-19 spread and shut down the city of Melbourne, Dale was forced to bid farewell to his food truck business. Upon relocating to the Sunshine Coast, he formulated connections across the region’s renowned craft beer industry, and started creating Jarrah Boy. Less than a year later, their beers are available around the nation; selling from big name hotel and store chains including Dan Murphy’s, BWS, and Accor hotels. 

On top of their national success, the High Commision of Australia recently invited Dale and eight other Indigenous companies to Singapore - providing them with opportunities for product sales across Asia. 

“We had partners who were very interested. It’s just a matter of me scaling up now and also being able to supply that as well.

“It doesn’t have to be huge. It can be as small as I want it to be to start with and build on that, just like we’re doing here (in Australia).” (Dale Vocale, Sunshine Coast News)

Jarrah Boy’s three beers which are currently being produced in large numbers include Tirum Golden Sun Lager, Gwangal Red Lager, and Bubul Ocean Ale. Each beer has a traditional Aboriginal name, derived from the language used across Kabi Kabi country on the Sunshine Coast, or Monero country around East Gippsland. 

With the incredible success Jarrah Boy has achieved this year, and with new native beers in development, the future looks bright for this First-Nations beer company.

“I’m proud and I want to be recognised as an Indigenous business, but I also want people to see it as a business that makes great beer and a story close to the heart.” (Dale Vocale, Sunshine Coast News)

Words by Zara Hallett

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