ILF Releases 5 New Bilingual Books

ILF Releases 5 New Bilingual Books

We're super excited to share that the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) has been up to some amazing work, launching not one, but FIVE new bilingual books. These books come straight from the heart of remote communities, bringing to life stories written and illustrated by incredibly talented First Nations authors and artists.

ILF is thrilled to announce the release of the sequel, Moli bin git stak (Molly gets stuck), following the resounding success of the beloved picture book Moli det bigibigi (Molly the pig). Like its predecessor, this bilingual gem is told in both English and Kriol, offering a deeper dive into the vibrant life of the Kalano community. It features Molly, a real-life pig, whose adventures continue to bring a slice of community life right to your fingertips.

The original story captivated readers with the adventures of Moli (Molly), the local pig known for eating weetabix to grow strong and fend off the camp dogs. This sequel builds on that foundation, enriching our understanding and connection to the community through Molly's new experiences.

Alongside Molly's latest adventure, four new bilingual books have made their debut from the Fitzroy Crossing Community - Three board books perfect for the little ones, and a picture book that's all about the warmth of family and belonging. Titles like Mayarda (Pelicans), Kurrartuwarnti (Brolgas), and Manyi Nganyjaali (Bush Tomatoes) are not just books; they're gateways to understanding and celebrating the rich stories and cultures of Indigenous Communities.

These books are a bridge connecting us to the heart and soul of these communities, fostering a love for reading and a deeper appreciation for the diverse cultures that make up this great land. So, let's rally behind the ILF’s incredible initiatives, spread the word, and dive into these beautiful stories. It's all about coming together, learning, and growing as a community.

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