From a Heartfelt Yarn to a Deadly Preschool: Dalaigur's 60-Year Journey.

From a Heartfelt Yarn to a Deadly Preschool: Dalaigur's 60-Year Journey.

Dalaigur Preschool, located on Dunghutti land in Kempsey, has just been honoured with the Outstanding Early Education and Care Service Award at the NSW Department of Education's Nanga Mai Awards

This preschool has a rich history that goes back 60 years, starting with a heartfelt yarn over a cup of tea between some visionary local aunties.  They wanted to create a nurturing and safe place for the little ones in their community to learn and grow. Fast forward to today, and Dalaigur is now educating around 85 kids across three days each week, with a team that's 60% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators. 

What really sets Dalaigur apart is how they weave Dunghutti culture into everything they do.  It's not just a separate program, but a natural part of their daily activities. This helps the kids develop a strong sense of identity, self-worth, and connection to Country. Plus, the school goes above and beyond to empower the children to dream big and achieve anything they set their minds to. 

Dalaigur is a living legacy. The grandkids and even great-grandkids of the aunties who dreamed up the idea for the preschool all those years ago now attend themselves, which just goes to show the deep trust and connection the school has with the community. Local Elders are also actively involved, sharing their knowledge as cultural facilitators and language educators. 

The preschool's impact reaches far and wide through awesome initiatives like the Ninganah No More language program and the Aboriginal Therapy Project. These programs support language lessons, cultural education, and specialised therapeutic services that work hand in hand with the educational programs. Winning the Nanga Mai Award is a true testament to Dalaigur Preschool's ongoing excellence and innovation in early childhood education.

By nurturing a deep connection to culture and community, Dalaigur is not only educating the next generation but also ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history continue to thrive for years to come. Dalaigur Preschool's story is a powerful reminder of the incredible impact that culturally rooted educational initiatives can have on a community. 

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