Food Education at the Kimberley 9's Beach Football Carnival

Food Education at the Kimberley 9's Beach Football Carnival

Held on the opening night of the two-day Kimberley-9’s football carnival, the Fremantle Dockers' charity arm, Purple Hands Foundation, along with the WA Good Food Guide, cooked up a storm with a starlit multi-course dinner for over 170 students from remote schools in Western Australia's northwest.

The initiative is all about teaching school kids the importance of healthy eating, bush foods, and nutrition. And what better way to wrap up than with a dinner under the stars at Cable Beach?

Students who had put forward their own menu ideas in a competition saw some of their dishes come to life. From Mermaid Shoal Snapper to Kangaroo and Quandong Pies, it was a feast that celebrated local produce and Indigenous bush foods.

For many of these kids, dining out is a rarity, with the nearest eatery a massive 120 kilometres away. So, sitting down to a fancy table, served by waiters, and enjoying a meal prepared by top chefs? That's a memory that'll last a lifetime.

This event wasn't just about filling bellies; it was about opening eyes to the possibilities in the hospitality and food industries. It's about connecting the dots between what's learned in school and the real world.

So, as we cheer on the footy, let's also champion the importance of good food and education. And hey, if you're looking to sport some fresh Indigenous designs while you're at it, BW Tribal has got you covered!