Embracing Indigenous Superheroes: Introducing the ‘Indigiverse’

Embracing Indigenous Superheroes: Introducing the ‘Indigiverse’

A new universe of Indigenous superheroes and  Dreamtime stories is emerging. Welcome to the Indigiverse, a remarkable creation by Scott Wilson and Benny Eggmolesse, two visionaries who are breaking new ground.

The term "Indigiverse" embodies their aspiration for a universe where the First Nations people of their respective countries take on the roles of superheroes. Eggmolesse elaborated on the concept, explaining, "The reason why we use the words 'Indigiverse' and 'Indigenous' is because we are interested in a universe where First Nations people of their countries are the superheroes."
(SBS News. June 2, 2023) 

The journey towards bringing the Indigiverse to life has been a two-year adventure for Scott and Benny. It all began with a dream, as they sat around a cafe contemplating their ambitions in the film industry and graphic novels. What initially seemed like a far-fetched conversation soon turned into a passion project.

Their hard work and dedication are paying off. Currently, they have three TV shows in development and made appearances at Oz Comic-Con events in Adelaide and Melbourne earlier this year. Throughout their creative journey, they have received support and guidance from Wolfgang Byslama, the esteemed publisher of Gestalt Comics, an Australian graphic novel publisher.

Scott and Benny have big plans for the Indigiverse's growth, intending to incorporate other Indigenous cultures such as Maori, Fijian, Samoan, Tongan, and Vanuatu. Their vision extends beyond their own communities, as Benny explains, "We are focused on how Indigenous peoples of the world can be created into superheroes."
(SBS News. June 2, 2023)

What sets the Indigiverse apart is its dedication to showcasing the
Indigenous people of Australia and celebrating their unique, nuanced cultures - Offering a fresh perspective on superhero origin stories.

As Wilson and Eggmolesse continue to expand the Indigiverse, they are paving the way for Indigenous voices to be heard and celebrated worldwide. With their creative vision and commitment, the Indigiverse is set to transform the landscape of comic books, fostering representation, diversity, and cultural pride.

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