Earbus Creates Sound Futures For Indigenous Children

Earbus Creates Sound Futures For Indigenous Children

Indigenous children are 2.3 times more likely to suffer from middle ear disease and hearing loss than their non-Indigenous counterparts. Medically termed ‘Otitis Media’, the disease commonly occurs within the first few weeks from birth and often persists into adolescence where the results can have detrimental effects on a child's learning abilities and quality of life.

That's why BW Tribal is proud to partner with Earbus, a charity whose mission is to reduce middle ear disease amongst Indigenous children in Western Australia.

Earbus is driven by the vision of enabling present and future Indigenous generations to attain educational success, free from the consequences of Otitis Media on their learning abilities. 

Earbus fosters an environment of continuous learning, promoting the sharing of ideas, research, and the pursuit of clinical excellence. While consistency of service quality and safety is ensured through collective staff responsibility and accountability under clinical governance.

ENT specialists, in partnership with Earbus, work yearlong to deliver training modules for clinical upskilling and provide clinical leadership. The Earbus team stays connected with the community, ensuring optimal outcomes for children by consistently engaging with parents, carers and Aboriginal staff members, which ultimately forges the path for informal learning.

BW Tribal deeply resonates with Earbus' vision to elevate the lives of Indigenous children through battling middle ear disease. Our sponsorship of Earbus stems from a shared commitment to uplift Indigenous communities and aligns with our own values as an Indigenous and family-owned business. Earbus’ dedication towards reducing the health disparity faced by Indigenous children not only complements our ethos, but also strengthens our resolve to empower Indigenous people.