Connecting Communities: Bangarra Dance Theatre Presents - Yuldea

Connecting Communities: Bangarra Dance Theatre Presents - Yuldea

"We are memory.

Glimpsed through shimmering light on water.

A story place where black oaks stand watch.

Carved into trees and painted on rocks. 

North - South - East - West. 

A brittle landscape of life and loss."

Yuldea, an original production by Bangarra Dance Theatre, invites you to witness a pivotal moment in history when the age-old customs of Indigenous life collided with the industrial ambitions of a nation on the rise.

Picture this: It's 1917, and the Transcontinental Railway, a monumental feat of engineering, has just reached a significant milestone—the convergence of its two halves at a precious water source on the fringes of the vast Nullarbor Plain, known as Yuldi Kapi. It is here that Yuldea takes root, delving deep into the lives of the Anangu people from the Great Victorian Desert and the Nunga community from the far western reaches of South Australia.

Helmed by the visionary creative director, Frances Rings, who hails from the Wirangu and Mirning tribes of this very region, Yuldea holds a deeply personal significance. As she narrates the story of her own people, she weaves her own identity into the fabric of this remarkable production, leaving a lasting impression on audiences across Australia's eastern coast.

Yuldea focusses on the profound environmental impacts caused by two significant events. First, we delve into the detrimental consequences of constructing the Trans-Australian Railway in the early 1900s—a venture that ravaged the natural landscape, leaving scars that resonate to this day. Then, we bear witness to the aftermath of atomic testing at Maralinga, a site situated just north of Yuldea. The devastating effects of these human endeavours are etched into the narrative, amplifying the need for environmental stewardship and cultural preservation.

Prepare to be swept away by Yuldea’s evocative choreography, and soul-stirring storytelling. Yuldea promises to be an unforgettable journey through time, where the resilience of Indigenous communities shines through amidst the clash of tradition and progress.

Mark your calendars and join us as we embark on this extraordinary exploration of history, heritage, and the indomitable spirit of Australia's First Nations people.

Yuldea is touring the country now, grab your tickets here:

Gadigal Country
Sydney Opera House: 15 July

Ngunnawal Country
Canberra Theatre Centre: 20-22 July

Kaurna Yerta
Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide: 10-12 August

Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane: 31 August - 9 September

Wurundjeri Country
Arts Centre Melbourne: 27 September - 7 October

Djaara Country
Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo: 13-14 October

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