Celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day with BW Tribal and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day with BW Tribal and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Join us as we celebrate stories, cultures, and languages this Indigenous Literacy Day! We are thrilled to join hands with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF), promoting cultural diversity and literacy across our Indigenous communities.

This year, the ILF will roll out a heartwarming 15-minute film reflecting stories and songs from various remote Indigenous communities across Australia, hosted by the Sydney Opera House.

Ever wondered what a 'jurru' is or why life is sweet at 'Shordi Krik'? Well, here’s your chance to set foot on unseen territories like Barunga, Rubibi and Weipa right from your homes. Discover Kriol, Yawuru and Thaynakwith languages and the yarns they spin.

ILF ambassadors like pop princess, Jessica Mauboy, beloved television personality, Justine Clarke, celebrated author Gregg Dreise, and ARIA award-winner, Josh Pyke will be sparking up a 45-minute live stream celebration after the film.

BW Tribal proudly supports the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. This collaboration reiterates our shared commitment to ignite and nurture Indigenous storytelling, serving up an engaging learning adventure for kids and adults alike.

Join in the celebration at 10:30 am AEST September 6 when the free film premieres online, swiftly followed by a 45-minute live stream straight out of the Sydney Opera House. And in case you can’t catch it live, don't worry! The whole hour will be waiting for you, to enjoy at your convenience, with the same link.

BW Tribal acknowledges the power of literacy in preserving and nurturing Indigenous cultures, stories, and languages. Show your support for the invaluable work of ILF, and join us in uplifting Indigenous communities by engaging in and celebrating Indigenous Literacy Day 2023.

Register to watch the free ILD film & live stream here:

To discover more ways you can show your support for Indigenous Literacy Day, head over ILF’s website: