Bush Food Feasts: Simple Recipes With Native Ingredients

Bush Food Feasts: Simple Recipes With Native Ingredients

With the holiday season rapidly approaching,  it's the perfect opportunity to hone your cooking skills in the kitchen! This Christmas, impress your friends and family with these simple recipes that showcase native Australian ingredients - Kunzea and Quandong.

A special thank you to Bushtucker Recipes for inspiring us with their amazing bush tucker creations. Let's get cooking with easy-to-follow recipes!

Toasted Turkish with Ricotta, Garden Peas, Wild Pepper & White Kunzea

Nothing says “sophisticated” quite like a crostini. These simple, bite-sized beauties will make perfect, vegetarian-friendly appetisers for your next event.

  • Ingredients: Turkish bread, ricotta cheese, garden peas, extra virgin olive oil, wild pepper, white kunzea, sea salt, and fresh sea parsley.
  • Preparation: Toast the Turkish bread to your liking. Top it with a generous spread of ricotta cheese and sprinkle over some fresh garden peas. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and season with a blend of wild pepper, white kunzea, and sea salt. Garnish with fresh sea parsley for a refreshing touch.
  • Bush Tucker Highlight: The wild pepper and white kunzea bring a unique Australian twist, adding a mild, fruity pepper flavour that compliments the creamy ricotta beautifully.
  • Source: Inspired by  Bushtucker Recipes.

Kunzea flower

Quandong Paste

Do we really need an excuse to whip up a cheeseboard? Quandong paste’s unique, peachy flavour will pair beautifully with a creamy Brie or bitey Manchego!

  • Ingredients: 100gm dried quandong, 400gm sugar, juice of one lime.
  • Preparation: Soak the quandong in water for at least one hour. Cook until tender (about 30 minutes), then strain. Puree the fruit and mix it with sugar and lime juice. Cook the mixture until it thickens into a paste.
  • Bush Tucker Highlight: Quandong, a native Australian wild peach, offers a tart flavour that pairs wonderfully with sweet and savoury dishes. This paste can be a delightful accompaniment to cheese platters or as a spread on toast.
  • Source: Inspired by Bushtucker Recipes.


As we explore these recipes, let's not forget the cultural significance and the sustainable aspect of using native Australian ingredients. At BW Tribal, we celebrate the rich heritage and the vibrant flavours of bush tucker. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a curious foodie, we encourage you to experiment with these ingredients and recipes.

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Happy cooking!

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