Blak & Bright Literary Festival Returns to Melbourne

Blak & Bright Literary Festival Returns to Melbourne

Melbourne/Naarm is gearing up for the return of the Blak & Bright Literary Festival, a significant event dedicated to celebrating and uplifting First Nations writers and storytellers. This year, the festival is scheduled to run from March 13 to 17, offering a mostly free program that promises to be its most extensive yet, with over 80 artists participating in more than 30 events across well-known venues like The Wheeler Centre and Fed Square.

The 2024 edition of the festival, themed 'Blak Futures Now', aims to spotlight the vital and contemporary relevance of Indigenous voices in literature. It's all about showcasing First Nations narratives through various forms, from music and poetry to novels and plays. The festival is not just a platform for sharing stories but also a call to action to acknowledge and appreciate the depth and diversity of First Nations experiences and perspectives.

One of the highlights of the festival is the keynote address by Leah Purcell AM, a renowned figure in the arts, who will share insights from her multifaceted career. The program also features unique events like "Through Our Lens," where six writers present images that capture the essence of their stories, and "Stories Behind the Songs," which explores storytelling through music.

For those looking to dive deeper into First Nations literature, there are discussions and workshops, such as a conversation between Festival Director Jane Harrison and Melissa Lucashenko, which will delve into First Nations perspectives on colonisation. Aspiring writers also have the chance to pitch their stories to major publishers in the "Pitch Blak" session.

The festival is not just about celebrating established voices but also nurturing the next generation of storytellers. Events like "Yung, Blak & Bold" and "YA Awesome!" are designed to inspire young and emerging writers. Moreover, the festival embraces the LGBTQIA+ community with "Rainbow Words," where writers share the stories that have inspired them.

Blak & Bright is more than a literary festival; it's a movement towards recognizing and valuing the stories and voices of First Nations people. It's an invitation to everyone, regardless of background, to come together and be part of a transformative journey through the world of First Nations storytelling.

For those interested in attending or learning more about the festival's lineup and events, more information is available on the Blak & Bright website.

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