Asia TOPA Radar: A New Event Spotlighting The Asia-Pacific Art Scenes

Asia TOPA Radar: A New Event Spotlighting The Asia-Pacific Art Scenes

The Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts, known as Asia TOPA, is kicking off a brand-new quarterly event series called Asia TOPA Radar, set to start on November 30 at the University of Melbourne.

Asia TOPA Radar isn't your typical art show. It's a vibrant gathering that brings together a kaleidoscope of artists, thinkers, DJs, and musicians from the entire Asia-Pacific region, including Naarm based artist Luke George, and The Pacific Sisters - a dynamic collective of Maori and Asia Pacific musicians, fashion designers, jewellers and artists.

The launch event promises a mix of presentations that give us a sneak peek into what fuels these artists' imaginations, topped off with performances that'll have you talking for days. Jeff Khan, the creative director of Asia TOPA, is the maestro behind Radar. He's curated an experience that's aiming to introduce us to some of the most celebrated and dynamic artists around.

Asia TOPA Radar is also a prelude to something bigger โ€“ the third iteration of the Asia TOPA festival set for February-March 2025. This series is a creative playground for artists to research, experiment, and create, setting the stage for the main event.

For the scoop on tickets and more info, check out the Arts Centre Melbourne website. This is just the beginning of a cultural journey that promises to be as diverse and dynamic as the Asia Pacific itself.

At BW Tribal, we're all about fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture. By supporting events like Asia TOPA Radar, we continue our commitment to celebrating and preserving the rich heritage of Indigenous communities not just in Australia, but all around the world.