Artist Profile: Meet Yvonne Bell

Artist Profile: Meet Yvonne Bell

We’re thrilled to welcome Yvonne Bell to the BW Tribal family!

Yvonne is not just any artist; she's a storyteller who paints tales of her homeland on canvas. Hailing from the Minang Noongar and Ngadju communities, Yvonne's heart has always been deeply anchored in Yarramoup, Western Australia. And while she now calls Boorloo (Perth) her home, Yvonne takes a lot of inspiration from Banjelungup's (Bremer Bay) natural beauty for her art.

Dive into any of Yvonne's creations, and you'll immediately be swept into a world of vibrant colours and dynamic patterns that echo the heartbeat of her Country. It's as if she's poured the essence of her Boodja – the land she so deeply cherishes – straight onto the canvas. The swirling blues reminiscent of the ocean tides in her piece "Coastal Dreams" or the effervescent blooms of "Wildflower Wanderings" capture the spirit of Western Australia.

Coastal Dreams

Wildflower Wanderings

When you delve into the nuances of Yvonne Bell's artwork, it becomes apparent that her mother's influence is the bedrock of her creative spirit. Growing up, Yvonne didn't just learn about the traditional ways of her community; she lived them. Guided by her mum's wisdom and expertise, Yvonne’s childhood days were marked by hands-on experiences – be it understanding the rhythm of nature, identifying the myriad of bush foods, or simply pausing to listen to the tales the wind carried.

When Yvonne paints, she is paying tribute to her mother's teachings. Whether it's the meticulous detailing of a particular plant that they'd often gather or the vibrant hues that echo the colours of the bush foods they'd collect, her mum's essence is interwoven into the tapestry of her work.

Yvonne’s art is an insight into her memories and profound respect for Country and family. Each vibrant shade is a nod to her mom's teachings and the unbridled beauty of her homeland. Every artwork of Yvonne's is like a window into her world, her heritage, and her deep connection with her Boodja.

You've seen Yvonne's artwork, 'Family Journey', on our latest ranges of gym towels and throw rugs. But watch this space - we have plenty more where that came from! We can't wait to share more of our partnership with Yvonne with you all!

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