Artist Profile: Meet Karla McGrady

Artist Profile: Meet Karla McGrady

Meet Karla McGrady: A proud Gamilaraay woman and one of our beloved collaborators. Born and raised in Tenterfield, NSW, Karla's art is a unique blend of her life's experiences and homages to her family.

Having dedicated over a decade to her craft professionally, Karla's work  encapsulates unique narratives that only she can eloquently portray.

Karla’s inspiration has always been close to home - The two central pillars of her creative endeavour are her family and her heritage. As a child, Karla would often be found, eyes full of curiosity, closely observing her uncle Bruce bring tales to life with his paintbrushes and pencils. This was the first spark that would ultimately ignite her lifelong passion for visual artistry.

Karla's creations encapsulate vibrant colours representative of familial love, and earthy tones representative of the New England and Northern Tableland's icy and amber-hued Country. Through her body of work, she continues to contribute to, and uphold the rich tradition of art and storytelling in her Gamilaraay heritage.

With every piece, Karla not only pays homage to her roots, but also adds her own unique and distinctive touch. We are proud to work alongside Karla and feature her beautiful designs across our range. Join us as we celebrate her craft in our continuous journey. Be sure to head over to Karla's Facebook page to see all of her latest works - Karla McGrady Aboriginal Artist

You can check out Karla's designs for BW Tribal here