A Week's Journey

A Week's Journey

Hey there, BW Tribal family!

What a week it's been at BW Tribal! Let's take a moment to recap and catch you up on our latest promotions and stories from our blog! 

For the Kiddos:
First up, a shout out to our little BW Tribal members! We're offering a whopping 30% off on our Indigenous Designed Kid's Polo Shirts. Crafted for comfort and adorned with some of the most eye-catching Indigenous artwork around, these polos are just the thing for your kiddo's next adventure or playdate. Hurry, though; this deal won't last forever!

NAIDOC 2023 Collection:
Speaking of art, our NAIDOC 2023 collection is now up for grabs at up to 50% off. This year, we're celebrating the theme 'For Our Elders', and what better way than through authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks? Dive into pieces from renowned artists like Karla Mcgrady, Leah Brideson, Joel Sam, and Beau Motlop Pennefather. Each design narrates a tale of culture, legacy, and the wisdom of our Elders. 

Polo Deals:
If you've been eyeing our polos, now's the time to snag 'em! Buy one and get your second polo at half the price. Rock our 100% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander designs and stand in solidarity with First Nations Artists across Australia. And just a heads up, our NAIDOC collection isn't part of this deal.

Shipping News:
Oh, and did we mention? All orders over $75 come with FREE standard shipping. Yep, you read that right!

Spotlight on Karla McGrady:
This week, we're shining a light on the incredible Karla McGrady. A Gamilaraay gem and a longtime collaborator with BW Tribal, Karla's artwork, ‘My Old People’ is featured in our NAIDOC 2023 collection. Karla’s Indigenous art is a beautiful blend of family narratives and rich heritage. Big ups to Karla for letting us into her world.

NAIDOC's Rich History:
Ever wondered about the origins of NAIDOC week? Our latest article takes you back over a century, tracing the footsteps of Indigenous activists like William Cooper, Jack Pattern, and Douglas Nicholls. Discover how a single day of protest morphed into the vibrant NAIDOC week we cherish today.

A Nod to UNDRIP:
Lastly, we're revisiting a pivotal moment in Indigenous rights - the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) by the UN in 2007. A landmark event, it set the tone for global Indigenous rights, with voices from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities playing a crucial role.

That's a wrap for this week! Until next time,

The BW Tribal Team