A Week's Journey

A Week's Journey

Welcome back! It's been an eventful week here at BW Tribal, let's take a moment to recap the highlights that have made this week special.

Firstly, we unveiled our latest collection of polo shirts, especially crafted to showcase the incredible talent of our featured artists, Alison Simpson and Leah Brideson. Each of the ten stunning designs tells a story deeply rooted in history, culture and pride. This diverse collection seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary aesthetics, reflecting the deep connection between nature, family, and Country.

We shone a spotlight on Alison Simpson, one of the talented Aboriginal artists whose designs grace our latest polo shirts. A Wiradjuri and Wemba Wemba woman, Alison's deep connection to the land spans various regions of Australia, deepening her spirituality and enriching her artwork. Known by her Wiradjuri name, yalidyan, Alison has spent over 25 years living and working on Djirringanj & Thaua Countries within the Yuin nation. Her vibrant and contemporary style, achieved primarily through acrylic paints on canvas, reflects the energy and beauty of the natural environments that inspire her creations. Keep your eyes peeled for our spotlight on Leah Brideson, who designed three of the polo shirts from our latest collection, coming this week.

Image: Yalbangarra

We took our readers on a journey up north to provide coverage on an important  milestone -  After a year-long campaign, Fraser Island has officially adopted its traditional Butchulla name, K'gari. This recognition by the World Heritage Committee marks a significant step forward in acknowledging and preserving Indigenous heritage. K'gari, a place of profound cultural and spiritual significance, holds the stories of the Butchulla people and their connection to the land. This decision stands as a testament to the power of reclaiming Indigenous names and fostering cultural pride.

Image: National Indigenous Times

We jumped from K’gari to the pristine waters of the Kimberley, where a dedicated group of Indigenous wildlife rangers have taken a proactive step in ensuring the well-being of boaters in the Kimberley's North West region. The Bardi Jawi Rangers are collaborating with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Marine Rescue, where they have established a campaign focused on marine safety. Recognising their role as first responders, the rangers are working diligently to promote awareness and educate local boating communities in Ardyaloon, Djarindjin, and Lombadina. Their efforts highlight the importance of preserving both the natural wonders of the region and the safety of those who explore it.

Image: Kimberley Land Council 

We invited our customers to join us in honouring this year's NAIDOC Week theme, 'For Our Elders’, with a special promotion: All products in our NAIDOC 2023 collection are 20% off! This is our way of expressing gratitude for the invaluable contributions our Elders have made and continue to make. Head over to our website and discover a wide range of products that beautifully embody the essence of this year's NAIDOC Week theme.

Finally, we landed back in Meanjin where there's an undeniable buzz building in the lead up to NAIDOC Week. We highlighted some community events that you and your tribe can get involved in around the greater Meanjin region. Join us in celebrating the vibrant heritage of Australia's First Nations people this NAIDOC Week, July 2 - July 9. At BW Tribal, we are proud to support these events and honour the rich Indigenous heritage that shapes our country. You can check out our NAIDOC Week events guide on our blog, in case you missed it!

Image: naidoc.org.au

As we conclude this week's recap, we invite you to continue exploring the tapestry of Indigenous fashion, art, culture and community with us. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and engaging events that celebrate the beauty, resilience, and creativity of Indigenous cultures. Together, let's embrace a world where tradition meets contemporary expression, where cultural heritage is cherished, and where the voices of Indigenous communities resound.

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