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NAIDOC 2022 Corporate Mouse Mat Stand Up - Climate Change (Minimum Order Applies)


Precision Mouse Mat Stand Up - Climate Change

Flexible mouse mat which is rectangular shapes. It has a non-slip synthetic rubber base and a smooth microfibre surface for optimum mouse control.

Artist story:

This design represents a call to action to STAND UP! and support raising awareness about issues affecting the Torres Straits Islands and raise the profile of those in the community who are already championing for the cause. The design represents the rising sea levels, the people, our way of life and all Australia working together.

The colours that we have used, the purple is to reflect the beautiful sunsets that occurs and that gleam across the sky and water in the Torres Straits Islands. The green is the land that we live on and the blue is the water pushing closer to the land. Within the design is the depiction of the moon, which dictates the King tide every month. The feet represent our people walking in both worlds and trying to survive, not wanting to leave our homelands, but also living with the constant threat of the effects of rising sea levels and erosion. The images above represent a spear tip moving through the current in the water. Beside it represents a Turtle Shell which is a traditional food and a way of life in both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, that dates back generations. And the frangipani’s represents the beauty of the Torres Strait Islands and the continuation of working together with the Australian government to save our Island homes, as climate change is threatening the lifestyle and way of life of islanders living there. This design is also in support of the petition circulating asking the government for help to protect our island homes and to pass laws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with its commitments. #petition We need people to Stand Up and support the petition if we are to have a chance at being heard to make positive changes for the future of the Torres Strait Islands.

Artist: BW Tribal Copyright to BW Tribal Pty Ltd

MATERIAL:  Non-slip Synthetic Rubber base and a Smooth Microfibre Surface

Size:  23.5cm x L 19.5cm x 0.3cm 




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    NAIDOC 2022 Corporate Mouse Mat Stand Up - Climate Change (Minimum Order Applies)

    NAIDOC 2022 Corporate Mouse Mat Stand Up - Climate Change (Minimum Order Applies)