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Artwork Stories

The NAIDOC theme for this year is Voice. Treaty. Truth. Let’s work together for a shared future. These 3 key elements were in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. It refers to “Makarata”, a word from the language of the Yolngu people in Arnhem Land, which captures the idea of Two Parties coming together after a struggle, healing the divisions of the past. 

Featured in the new range are inspired Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander designs: “Makarrata’s Journey”, “Two Parties” & “Voice Truth & Treaty”. Each design is a unique interpretation of the NAIDOC 2019 Theme. Click the tabs to discover the full story behind each artwork.

As a proud 100% Indigenous owned company, we invite all Australians to join us in walking towards a better future. For more information regarding the NAIDOC Week 2019 theme, please visit the official National NAIDOC website.


NAIDOC 2019 Aboriginal Art Design Makarrata's Journey

Artist: BW Tribal
Story: Makarrata's Journey

Makarrata is a Yolngu word describing a process of conflict resolution, peacemaking and justice (peace after a dispute). The term Makarrata has long been proposed as an alternative name for the treaty process in this country.

In this piece the people represent all the nationalities that make up Australia today and within the people the wording Voice, Treaty, Truth.

“A voice for the first nations people to be included in the decision making at the highest level of Government in Australia”

“Treaties to be made with the first nations people to right the wrongs in the past and to move forward together”

“Truth is the sharing of Australia’s true history towards the first nations people through all educational levels. Acknowledgement and inclusion of culture and langue and lore of the first nations people.

The circle represents the coming together and moving forward of all Australia after the three core elements are attended too and resolved.

The orange paths with the wording Makarrata represents the journey of the Treaty process that is still ongoing today.

The green designs is the land of Australia land and the blue design is the water that surrounds this great country. 

NAIDOC 2019 Aboriginal Art Design Two Parties

Artist: BW Tribal
Story: Two Parties

This Piece is about two parties (First Nations People and Australian Government) coming together after a struggle and working together for Australia’s shared future.

The orange circle in the middle and paths represent the ongoing journey of Australia from the past to present and future.

The blue circle in the middle with the people around it represents both parties sitting together once the first nations people are inclusive in the decision making for Australia’s future.

The coloured circles within the people represent all the different nationalities that make up Australia today.

The figures up top of the piece are the ancestors of the land and culture of Indigenous people that have been here since the beginning of time.

NAIDOC 2019 Torres Strait Islander Art Design Voice Truth Treaty

Artist: Joel Sam
Artist's Origin: Torres Strait Islander
Story: Voice, Truth & Treaty

In this artwork it depicts the two warriors from the two Indigenous Nations of Australia. The Torres Strait Islander warrior blowing a trumpet (Bu) shell which represents that calling of people to a gathering. As the same with the Aboriginal warrior, the clapping of the boomerang guiding & welcoming people to the gathering, with one voice. 

The patterns in the front and on the sleeves represent people from all different clan groups. As the people walk towards Uluru which signify the heart/center of Australia, the ongoing struggles, the arches with people past, present and future working with the different tier of Governments to achieve the truth the inclusion of indigenous people in decision making, the scroll on the back artwork resembles the treaty.

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